by Tiebreaker

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Released 2/16/13. Recorded in Oct. 2012 with Ian Hurdle in his bedroom.


released February 16, 2013

Recorded by Ian Hurdle
Art by the infamous Chad Lawson
Omission Records - 001



all rights reserved


Tiebreaker Roanoke, Virginia

Virginia Hardcore. Started in 2010. Much Love Recs 2014

we are not the techno artist or the european band

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Track Name: Serpents Tongue
Coil around the necks of your peers
And whisper in their ears
Hiss so smoothly, Hiss your lies
You’ve put venom in their veins
Soon there will be no one left to convince
That forked tongue dances in your mouth
You have spat more lies than I can count.
In the end what do you get?
You turned everyone against each other
You turned us against ourselves, no more
The serpent that can act
The serpent that can lie
The serpent you can’t trust
Coiled around your eyes
Suck it’s venom from your veins
Suck the venom from your brain
Crush the head of that fucking snake
Your tongue will fork no more
Track Name: Vultures
Do I look like a novelty to you?
A wayward soul to the men on patrol
Black jeans, black shirt and a target on my back
Just because we’re young doesn't mean we’re out for trouble
You say “you know me” but you know it’s not true
You’re just making up shit so I know I’m lesser than you
Just because we’re young doesn't mean we’re hopeless
Profile me because you don’t understand
I’ll do what I can to avoid
This pig’s eagle eye looking around
Going after us kids instead of the rats on the ground
Ignore the real crimes that keep going on
Hunting us off until we’re all gone
Hunting us down, sniffing us out
Because they know we’re trouble without the shadow of a doubt
And we know you’re the ones in control
The vultures in black cars
The men on patrol
Instilling fear: cause you serve and protect
Instilling fear: cause you abuse and neglect
You’re not doing what you should
When you’re really the one that’s up to no good
Track Name: Saturated
You fill them with blood until their saturated
You fill them with body until their satiated
Pumping fiction into their minds
Dumping nonsense onto canvas
Children are like sponges so you soak them full of blood and wine
Kids raised in a religious battlefield
Force fed their decisions and beliefs
Just a fool with a cross in your hand
Casting stones at all the things you don’t understand
I wish I could say these were simpler times
But have you ever seen the fear in a Christian mother’s eyes?
They are forced out of fear and left behind because of it
So it’s no wonder these kids grow up with intentions to quit.
You started with answers and looked for questions
And the doubt in your eyes reveals your depression
No free will, free thinking, or coming to conclusions
You convinced yourself with bullshit now you’re seeing illusions
Take your forced culture and fuck off
Let the kids grow up and make their own call
Children are like sponges so you soak them full of blood and wine
Track Name: Hollow Words
What’s the point of hating your peers?
Are you that much better?
Stuck up on your pedestal demeaning those around you
Your heads to far up your ass to even breathe
Take those beliefs and fuck off
Or ill take the words you spit in my face
And shove them back down your throat
A paranoid mess, dragging others in with you
A sly tongue and clever words
A coward rat with a bitter soul
Hollow words and empty threats
The spineless coward that I detest
Track Name: Fool's Gold
Looking back I see how much we’ve changed
Looking forward I see what you lack
You went out and lost your self-respect
While I laid low and got mine back
I see what you do now
And I can’t help but say it’s sad
You picked up bad habits
You lost what made you, you
But if your charade needs to continue
I’ll just let kids be kids
But I hate to see you waste what’s left of yourself
Who are you now? You’re what they want you to be
What are you now? You aren’t who I remember
You’ve changed. You’ve changed for the worse
In life people take steps
And for every two I take forward
You take one back
You’re digging for fool’s gold
Track Name: Destruction
Trapped again in a web I built
Failing, so my world falls apart again
I just can get a grip on my life
Every time I take hold I just slip
Everything I aimed at I missed
I’m trying but I’m slipping, slipping fast
I have no more motivation
So I increased my desperation
Begin my mental deconstruction
The path I’m on leads to destruction
As I see no way out
No light at the end of the tunnel for me
Just the same bad luck
And the same bull shit that I can’t believe
I think I might find truth at the end of a rope